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There are 3 most important trophies to be won by the teams and clubs in Malaysia football competition which are Malaysia super league, Malaysia Cup, Malaysia FA Cup.


Malaysian Super League

Malaysia Super League (Liga Super Malaysia) is the top flight of football in Malaysia and its replaced the M-League (Liga-M) as the highest division a professional football team in Malaysia can participate in. The league is currently named Astro Super League Malaysia (Astro Liga Super Malaysia in Malay).

Introduced in 2004, the Super League catered only to the top eight football teams in the country. The bottom two teams at the end of the season will be relegated to the Malaysia Super League. The Football club also decided to privatize the league and created MSL Sendirian Berhad (or MSL Proprietary Limited) to oversee the marketing aspects of the game. The league used to have eight teams and teams would play three rounds of matches (21 matches in total). The first two rounds were played on a home/away format while the third round would be hosted by the stadium which had the bigger attendance during the first two rounds.

A football league competition involving the representative sides of the state football associations was first held in Malaysia in 1979. When it began, it was intended primarily as a qualifying tournament for the final knock-out stages of the Malaysia Cup. It was not until 1982 that a League Cup was introduced to recognize the winners of the preliminary stage as the league champions. Over the years, the league competition has gained important stature in its own right.

Initially the only teams only allowed to participate in the league were the state FAs, teams representing the Armed Forces and the Police, and teams representing the neighboring countries of Singapore and Brunei (though the Football Association of Singapore pulled out of the Malaysian League after the 1994 season following a dispute with the Football Association of Malaysia over gate receipts, and has not been involved since). In recent years, top Malaysian club teams have also been admitted to the league competition.

Malaysia Cup

The Malaysia Cup (Piala Malaysia) is an yearly asscociation tournament in Malaysia. It is currently the longest-running football contest in Asia. The competition is currently played at the end of each year's football season, and is contested by the 16 most successful teams in Malaysia's football league that year.

The tournament began in 1921, when it was called the Malaya Cup. The original trophy was presented by the officers and men of a British Battleship, the HMS Malaya. When the league began, it was intended primarily as a qualifying tournament for the Malaysia Cup. However over the years, the league competition has gained important stature in its own right. In 2003, Selangor became the first club team to win the cup.

FA Cup Malaysia

The FA Cup Malaysia (Piala FA Malaysia) is a national knock-out football contest organized by the Football Association of Malaysia. The tournament was introduced during the Semi-Pro League era in 1990. The first winner of the competition is Perak FA who knocks Selangor FA 4-2 in the final at the Merdeka Stadium. KL.

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My classmate is a nice person. His name is Akhyar. He was born on the 8th of April 1989. He was born and raised in Penang,Malaysia. He arrived in MICET three years ago. He speaks two languages, malay language and English. He graduated in Penang High School in Penang. After he graduated, he went to the University Kuala Lumpur in Melaka to continue his study in chemical engineering course. Akhyar is working at laundry dry cleaners three days a week for his pocket money. He has two brothers. One of the rules of his parents is not to have girlfriend at a young age and have good goals. Akhyar wants to play futsal but he said he is lazy on it. He is very kindly with another classmate especially with me and also not stingy with his knowledge. I’m so touching with this character. He enjoy music, playing the guitar and singing. He just walk around, trying to find a new area of the city to explore. He like traveling, reading, and disturb girl in MICET. In the evenings he might walk into MICET futsal court and see people plays futsal. Other than that, the character that he has is personality and good looking. He was always well-dressed when in class or outside class time. AKHYAR THE BEST!!!!!!!

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It's obvious! Japan is the biggest powerhouse in Asia region. It is proven since the Kublai Khan era when Kublai Khan and his Mongolian army wants to take over Japan but the country of the rising sun was protected by the tsunami that has washed away all the army forces. The US army was afraid of the Japanese in the World War ll. Even had been blown away by atom boms (Hiroshima and Nagasaki),their economy are still at steady state. p/s: if the bom hits Malaysia,haih~ i think we're gonna go back outside the civilization for ages! no offense.heee :) But in the final match of the Asian Cup,it was not that awesome.huhu. Both Japan and Australia we're too carefully played. Unlike Brazil or the Germans. But in the end a goal from Tadanari Lee settled the score and the Blue Samurai is the champion of Asia once again!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My top 5 awesome things!

# 1st awesome thing


This car has been pass down from generations. From my mother to me. (so called generations. haha) I earned this car because of my hardwork in my studies as my ayah demanded a better performance from me and….. jeng jeng jeng….. I excelled with flying colours. And the reward is my precious Rio (though lately Rio have a lot of mechanical problems and ayah thought of buying me another car, but I insisted to use Rio until the end of my studies. Because I earned it with my work so it has great sentimental value.) Thanks Rio!

#2nd awesome thing

HTC Desire HD

This is another thing that I get from my own hardwork. I’ve helped my mama relentlessly at her restaurant during my semester break and mama gave me some incentives for it. I saved up all my salaries in my Teddy bank for the successive two months. (It does wears me out! But the Desire HD was worth every penny!)
#3rd awesome thing

Manchester United Jersey Collection

My favourite team ever. Once a Red Devil forever a Red Devil! United we stand! (though I only have six in my wardrobe. haha. but still, it can be counted as collection does it?)

#4th awesome thing

Hot rods! (My Hot wheels collection)

I had them since I was in standard 5. Which is when I was 11 years old. And now at 21 (over a decade) I still had them in my possession. What a memory! What a collection. I have over a hundred of these hot rods. From the most commons to the rarest. ( But now, it is all in a box as my family moved to Terengganu 4 years ago)

#5th awesome thing
Comic books!

Dragon Balls (Mutiara Naga), Dragon Quest (Misteri Naga), Rave, Detektif Conan. I had the full volume of these comic books (except for Detektif Conan). These comic book was published since I was in standard 1. Though I have lost some of the volume (it is sad) Luckily, there is a brand new comic book store at AEON Jusco in Malacca. They have all the volumes and I was planning to buy back all the volumes that I have lost. (but the price are not the same as before. it’s gonna cost me a lot! So I better saved up some money now.hee)

Friday, February 18, 2011


The FIFA World Cup is the biggest and most important football tournament, it is one that showcases the best the world has to offer. The first World Cup was held in 1930 and has been held every four years since (with the exception of 1942 and 1946). The first tournament involved only 13 teams; since then, it has gone from strength to strength, it now involves a total of 32 teams who have fought hard through qualification just to take their place at what promises to be a fascinating carnival of football. The 2010 World Cup kicks off in South Africa on the 11th June. Anticipation of the tournament is soon to reach fever pitch. What better way to get in the mood than to read some facts and trivia about previous World Cups.

1. The only unbeaten team at the 1974 World Cup was Scotland, despite which, they still went out in the first round as their goal difference, from their one win and two draws, was less than both Yugoslavia and Brazil.

2. The youngest player to appear at the World Cup was Norman Whiteside who was 17 years and 41 days old when he took the field for Northern Ireland versus Yugoslavia in 1982.

3. The youngest player to appear in the World Cup Final was Pele who was 17 years and 249 days old when he was part of the Brazil team who beat Sweden 5-2 in 1958.

4. The shortest World Cup career goes to Marcelo Trobbiani of Argentina who spent a grand total of just one minute on the pitch after coming on as a substitute in the 1986 final. It was his only ever appearance at the World Cup.

5. England’s third goal in the 1966 final, irrespective of what some believe, did not cross the line and should not have counted as a goal!

6. The 500th goal in the World Cup finals was scored by Bobby Collins of Scotland during their 3-2 defeat against Paraguay in 1958.

7. Roger Milla, of Cameroon, is the oldest player to feature at the World Cup, he was 42 years and 39 days old when he played against Russia in 1994. He also scored that day to become the oldest goal scorer. Worryingly, a member of the Cameroon delegation claimed that Milla was actually over 46!

8. The first example of a father selecting his son to play at the World Cup happened in 1966 when Uruguay coach Ondino Viera selected son Milton Viera.

9. The only time that East Germany met West Germany in a game of football happened at the 1974 World Cup. East Germany ran out 1-0 victors; West Germany went on to win the World Cup that year!

10. Belgium’s first choice goalkeeper at the 1982 World Cup was Jean-Marie Pfaff but, because of a misdemeanour, he was dropped after their third game. He was replaced by Theo Custers for the next game, but after they had lost by 3 goals to Poland he was never capped again – quite literally ‘Custers’ last stand’.

11. One of the big stars of the 1990 World Cup was Rene Higuita, the Colombia goalkeeper. He would have been one of the big stars of the 1994 World Cup but missed out because he was in jail on charges of kidnapping.

12. The only player to appear at the World Cup finals whilst playing for an Irish club was Patrick Joseph ‘Felix’ Healey. He played for Northern Ireland in 1982 while employed with Irish club Coleraine.

13. The first World Cup match to be televised was the Hungary versus Brazil match on 27th June 1954. Hungary won 4-2.

14. Juan Ignacio Basaguren became the first substitute to score in the World Cup finals when he put the ball in the back of the net during Mexico’s 4-0 victory against El Salvador in 1970.

15. During the 1990 World Cup, the Italian goalkeeper Walter Zenga went an impressive 517 minutes without conceding a goal.

16. Bolivia had to wait a total of 64 years for their first goal at the World Cup finals. They first appeared at the World Cup in 1930 and didn’t qualify again until 1994; Erwin Sanchez scored the goal in a 3-1 loss to Spain.

17. When Brazil took to the field against Yugoslavia at the 1930 World Cup, they did so with a total of 10 players who had never been capped before. Four years later Argentina fielded 10 new caps against Sweden.

18. There was a grand total of 28 red cards dished out at the 2006 World Cup. On the subject of red cards, Argentina’s Claudio Caniggia was sent off at the 2002 World Cup despite not actually playing.

19. Emerson, who was captain of Brazil, missed out on the 2002 World Cup after damaging his shoulder while ‘mucking’ about during training.

20. Scotland have qualified for the World Cup finals on 8 occasions; they have never qualified through from the first rounds. Pretty poor showing but they did score one of the best World Cup goals ever – every cloud has a silver lining.

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Students cast their votes for Student Union Senate representatives. Approaches taken to these elections have historically varied. In some years, students unite behind candidates and talking points; in many others, students simply do not see reason to care. So this is the reasons:

1. Many people vote while thinking of other constituencies: older folks, people without health insurance, and the like. But very few voters are focused specifically on the needs of college students. When issues like student loan rates, educational standards, and admissions policies are on the ballot, who else is better qualified to vote than those currently experiencing the implications of such initiatives

  1. With 44 million millennial voters eligible to vote, your vote can make a huge difference when banded with others in your demographic.
  2. You're in college. You're expanding your mind, your spirit, your life. You're challenging yourself in new and exciting ways and learning things you may not have ever considered before. But when the time comes, you're going to pass on empowering yourself by voting? Really?
  3. No matter your race, gender or age, your right to vote came at a price. Honor the sacrifices others made so that your voice could be heard when theirs wasn't.
  1. True, it may be a representative democracy, but your elected representatives still need to know how their constituents think in order to accurately represent them. They are counting on your vote as part of that process.
  2. Despite conventional attitudes about college students not being in the "real world," much of your daily life involves very serious and important decisions. You manage your finances; you are taking charge of your education and career; you are doing your best, every day, to improve yourself through higher education. In essence, you are becoming an adult (if you aren't one already). Your vote, then, matters most because you are finally able to cast it. Go voice your opinions on issues, policies, candidates, and referendums. Stand up for what you believe in. Vote!